It is the year 1615 of the common reckoning – The Dawn of the Third Age. The Orlanthi call it by many names – the Storm Age, the Axe Age, the Wolf Age, chief among them. To the Lunar Empire it is the Time of the Red Moon, when the Goddess will sweep all opposition to her divine mission into her train, uniting all of Glorantha, of Creation,under her benevolent rule.

The Seers, the Prophets, the Madmen and Sages, call it the Age of Heroes.

The Empire’s fortunes, like its Moon, and its Goddess, are waxing. Sartar is all but conquered, as is Prax, as much as that wasteland or its hardy folk can lie under the heel of anything. The Battle of Moonbroth, sent the combined might of the nomad alliance fleeing for Vulture County, and gave the Empire control of the the ancient holy site upon which to construct their own Temple of the Reaching Moon, thereby extending the range of the Red Moon.

Pavis, the centre of a region swollen with Sartarite refugees and rebels, surrendered to the Empire in a day, accepting an army of occupation and Lunar administration as the price of its continued existence. Now the Empire looks further still – to the South – to the River of Cradles and the Southern Sea.

But the Lunars are not unopposed. The Lightbringer cultists can never tolerate the chaos leanings of Imperial doctrine, nor the constant attempts to obliterate the rites and worship of the Orlanthi barbarians. And the Orlanthi know how tenuous is the authority of the Empire. How little of what it claims lies within its grasp. The army of occupation is outnumbered, its supply lines too long and under threat of rebellion.

This is the beginning of the Saga of Brightwater.

A band of nomads and barbarians, opposed to the Lunar advance, and supported by the Lightbringer Runemasters of Pavis, attempt to claim a portion of the River of Cradles for their own. Will Brightwater become the beacon of rebellion? An example of co-existence? Or will it be swallowed whole by the shadow of the Red Moon?

Saga of Brightwater